Exports of Stone, Glass, Ceramics And Similar


Sales of stone, glass, ceramics and similar from the UK to all destinations across the world from Jul 2016 to Apr 2017 accounted for £0.21 billion, which were carried out in 13,311 shipments.

Trades that were worth less than £1 million accounted for £213.5 million of this total, carried out in 13,209 shipments.

This means that if we exclude the top 0.77% of shipments, the rest had an average value of just £16,160.13. The breakdown of these smaller trades is shown in the chart on the right for the top 15 destinations where you can see how different destinations have different patterns of shipment value.

Shipping and logistics

6,361 shipments went by air (44% of them via London Heathrow) and the other 5,902 went via sea ports.

1.8% of the shipments used customs special procedures (Inward Processing or Outward Processing Relief or Re-exports). Most shipments of goods to most destinations do not use these special procedures.

Small business share

The top 15 destinations for smaller shipments below £320k and between £320k and £1m are shown below.

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Source data from https://www.uktradeinfo.com. Analysis excludes dispatches within the EU and non-EU exports reported separately as low value trade which are often subject to different procedures. Product categories are defined according to the similarly named section of the Harmonised System. See https://www.gov.uk/trade-tariff/sections for details.