Frequently asked questions

Who are the users of Exabler?

Exabler is for small and mid-size businesses that are exporting or about to start exporting, across any sector. Users could be business owners, sales, finance, operations, shipping clerks, export department personnel.

Export agents, accountants, advisors, and consultants can also benefit greatly from Exabler. Contact us to allow you to setup your client(s) and act in an advisory role. Evidence of authorisation will be required at the relevant points in the export process before disclosing certain details or making requests from or commitments to third parties.

Which services and service providers do you offer?

You choose the services you need, when you need. Exabler is your tool.

If you want to use a particular company you know, we can accommodate that. If you want, we can also introduce you to selected service providers.

Uniquely, we bring together all of the typical categories you would need to successfully export:

trade documentation, logistics, duties and tariffs calculation with the financial requirements of financing, credit insurance, letters of credit and foreign currency.

Which countries and destinations do you cover?

We cover any destination countries you would cover (subject to international regulations). We are also steadily adding tailored automated features and information for major trading partner countries of the UK, to further speed up your export journey.

Do you do customs filings?

Your customs filings get prepared on Exabler, with automated checks to help you prevent mistakes and unclear information causing delays and costs.

We work with selected leading partners to give access to experts who can review, advise and answer specialist questions that come up from time to time, as well as file to customs for you.

Will you guarantee I can successfully deliver the goods?

Exabler keeps you in control of your process and commercial relationships, because legal responsibility for your actions and customs declarations ultimately remains with your company.

Exabler helps you prevent problems by bringing together elements of selling that other online service providers and platform invoice financiers leave you to handle, e.g. logistics, financing and the related parts of your trade documentation that tie it all together.

We are so confident in our ability to improve the ability of small businesses to deliver with lower risk that we will consider requests to finance or co-finance, subject to checks and availability, export orders pre-shipment. We would recommend you to contact us to discuss.

When should I use Exabler?

Use Exabler early before and during the negotiation. For example find the right answers and resources when you have a specific sales lead in a new country, the prospective buyer may start discussing details of an order and you need to know your negotiating position. Key questions arise:

  • how to ensure timely payment
  • who will ensure all the export, customs and tax paperwork are correct so goods are not stuck in transit
  • how much time and cost will it take to get all the paperwork done, and what is the impact on profit margins
  • how to decide the point of handover and who is responsible for logistics and customs clearance.
  • Payment terms offered by your customer may not provide cash early enough to fund the order. Financing options are available at widely varying costs and complexity, such as:

  • self-fund by putting off some other investment
  • ask your bank for an overdraft
  • invoice finance
  • offer the customer a discount for faster payment
  • use corporate or personal credit cards
  • trade finance
  • enter into a factoring arrangement covering this and other sales.
  • I sell online, what can Exabler do for me?

    Exabler is designed to support transaction sizes from £5k and up.

    e-commerce is a growing component of domestic and international sales, and we are speaking with technology providers who are leaders in the field to combine their offering with the benefits of Exabler. If you are interested contact us to see how we can help.

    I use a distributor for my exports, what can Exabler do for me?

    Distributors play an important role in accessing many markets, with efficient warehousing and logistics and often great insights into retail sales for their market.

    Exabler is designed to improve transparency and your understanding around red tape, allowing each of you to focus on your strenghts. You may decide to adjust the terms of sale between you and your distributor in a mutually advantageous way, and you may even find better sources of financing with the help of Exabler's techonology and upcoming automation tools. Please contact us to discuss further.

    Are you cost competitive?

    Yes. Lowering the cost of trade is at the heart of what we do. The money you save when Exabler helps you avoid things going wrong should be many times what a subscription costs you.

    The added confidence and clarity with which you can navigate international trade should also open up more sales opportunties for you. We can also guide you to the the lowest cost financing with lowest burden of red tape.

    How secure is Exabler to use?

    Information is sent to and from Exabler via 128bit encryption within a secure sockets layer (SSL). You only enter confidential trade data when securely logged in to your account. It is not made available to third parties unless you explicitly instruct us to pass on the information, usually when you request a quote or accept a quote.

    We do not store your password so your account is only accessible by you. Furthermore, if we spot any suspicious activity on your account, we will call you before actioning commercial instructions.

    How does Brexit affect me?

    and occasionally we also get asked: "How does Brexit affect Exabler?"

    Using Exabler will put you in a good position to understand any changes to the UK's trading relationships with the rest of the world, and to be the first to utilise any opportunties too.

    How does billing work?

    The Lite, Basic and Pro package subscriptions are billed monthly in advance. If you order any services incurring extra charges on top of the regular subscription (e.g. add-ons), then those costs will be added to your next invoice to be generated and charged according to the monthly billing cycle.

    You will be charged when you select a subscription plan. Confirmation of the contract between us and the service level will come by separate email. In the unlikely scenario that we are unable to accept your subscription after your card has been charged, you will be notified and refunded in full as soon as reasonably practicable.

    The majority of Exabler invoicing and payments are handled through Stripe ( by entering your credit/debit card details. Your sensitive card details never hit Exabler's servers and are handled by Stripe, who handle billions of dollars every year for businesses around the world.

    Your card will only be used to settle Exabler subscription and service fees. You maintain your relationship with 3rd party service providers and settle their fees directly with them.

    What information and documentation do you require?

    Not much - you can start drafting trade documents without entering any personal details. As you add more information, you will get more out of Exabler.

    Documentation is a critical component of the export order. Be it a commercial invoice, tax declaration or shipping document. Exabler is designed to handle documents in a way that assists in the elimination of errors, gathering documents for you as the export order progresses and giving you quick access.

    How does it link up to my own information system?

    Exabler does not depend on systems integration or special software.

    You can enter trade information directly on our web-based platform, or upload spreadsheets with order line items if you wish.

    Exabler is becoming a one-stop-shop that saves you from form-filling and managing disparate documents. If you do have special requirements, we are working on interfaces in response to customer demand, so contact us if you would like us to add functionality for your business.