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Sales of all goods/products to Iraq from Jul 2016 to Apr 2017 accounted for £0.04 billion, which were carried out in 2,086 shipments.

Trades that were worth less than £1 million accounted for £45.0 million of this total, which were carried out in 2,041 shipments.

This means that if we exclude the top 2.16% of shipments, the rest had an average value of just £22,023.94. The breakdown of these smaller trades is shown in the chart on the right for the top 10 categories.

Shipping and logistics

1,025 shipments went by air (57% of them via London Heathrow) and the other 765 went via sea ports.

3.5% of the shipments used customs special procedures (Inward Processing or Outward Processing Relief or Re-exports). Most shipments of goods to most destinations do not use these special procedures.

Small business share

The top 10 categories of goods for smaller shipments (below £320k, and between £320k and £1m) to Iraq are shown below.

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Source data from https://www.uktradeinfo.com. Analysis excludes dispatches within the EU and non-EU exports reported separately as low value trade which are often subject to different procedures. Product categories are defined according to the similarly named section of the Harmonised System. See https://www.gov.uk/trade-tariff/sections for details.